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Upload file do Google Drive via REST API

Does anyone know how to upload a file to Google Drive via API? I already sincronized my google drive with ASPOSE and was wondering how should I change the path of ther url request{{23.field_2842_raw}}.docx in order to upload do google drive.

Can you anyone help me here? All the support pages are 404 error


We are sorry for the inconvenience. It seems the links are broken in How to configure 3rd party cloud storage page. We will fix it soon. Meanwhile, you can access the required article from the menu.

Once you configure your google drive storage in dashboard. Then you can pass the storage name, set in the configuration process, as storageName parameter value in the UploadFile API method.

curl -X PUT "" 
-H "accept: application/json" 
-H "Authorization: Bearer [Access_Token]" 
-H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" 
-F "fileContent=@C:/Temp/barcode.docx"

Hi Tilal,

What if the files are inside a certain folder in Google Drive?

How should the url be complemented to find the file inside the folder?

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Please check GetFilesList API method for the purpose. Kindly note if you are using default Cloud storage, then you can omit the storageName parameter. Otherwise, you should pass the storage name, configured in dashboard.