Requests Are Missing from aspose-slides-cloud-nodejs/sdk/

Hi, I am looking to use aspose sdk in my nodejs project for managing slides from different pptx files. But after installing aspose sdk in my nodejs project I am getting this error --------Error: Cannot find module ‘…/node_modules/asposeslidescloud/requests’----------- which means that request is missing from the stack. Any help would he appreciated.

Welcome to our community! Thank you for the issue description.

Could you please share a project example that reproduces the error you described?

here is my simple code example I have installed the asposeslidescloud sdk of version ^21.9.0 and iam getting the error cannot find module requests

const sdkApi = require("…/node_modules/asposeslidescloud/api");

const requests = require("…/node_modules/asposeslidescloud/requests");


const api = new sdkApi.DocumentApi(process.env.CLIENT_ID, process.env.CLIENT_SECRET);

let splitPpts=()=>


        const request = new requests.PostSlidesSplitRequest(); = "PptxGenJS-Demo.pptx";

        request.format = "jpeg";

        // Calling API function


            .then((result2) => {

            console.log("Response: " + JSON.stringify(result2));



// PptxGenJS-Demo.pptx

module.exports = {splitPpts}

Dear Support Team,

We have opted to use aspose slides in our nodejs project where we are going to work on manipulating and creating ppts. While we have installed asposeslidescloud npm module on our project with command “npm install asposeslidescloud --save”. We are facing an error that request.js file is missing from the package. Below I have attached a screenshot which shows the error. It will be great if you update npm package with request.js file. Thanks in advance.Screenshot (26).png (31.2 KB)

@sravannaikini, @lokesh.patchala,
Thank you for the additional information. I added a ticket with ID SLIDESCLOUD-1351 in our issue tracking system. Our development team will investigate this case. We will let you know about any progress.

@sravannaikini, @lokesh.patchala,
Our development team investigated the issue. The requests is a redundant namespace that was removed from the SDK in v21.3. For a relevant usage example of Split API, you can refer to the “Split tests” section of use case tests.