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NodeJS SDK splitAndSaveOnline fontsFolder Parameter

Hi there we are using the NodeJS SDK to split a PPTX file into separate PNG images (splitAndSaveOnline function). There seems to be a fontsFolder param I can send with the request, but I am wondering how to provide the fontsFolder. Is that param expecting fontsFolder to be a URL or a Storage folder containing the fonts? I want to ensure that the PNG images that get generated, include the right font.

Below is an example of our request in NodeJS application.

slidesApi.splitAndSaveOnline(presentationStream, cloud.SlideExportFormat.Png, s3Folder, 600, null, null, null, null, ASPOSE_STORAGE_NAME, “StorageFolderName”);

Documentation says: @param fontsFolder — Custom fonts folder. - but I am not sure if this means a folder in storage or a public URL containing the fonts.

If the param is expecting a storage folder - and I have .ttf fonts in there how does it determine to use the fonts in there when generating the PNG’s?

Note: I have also tried embedding the fonts directly in the PPTX file but the generated PNG’s still have an incorrect font.


Thank you for your questions.

The fontsFolder parameter indicates the path to the storage folder containing custom fonts that can be used in a presentation. If the presentation uses some specific fonts that are not in the system folders, they will be searched for in the folder specified in fontsFolder.

Example: MyTemplates/MyFonts

Documents: Splitting a Presentation in Local File and Saving Parts to Storage

Please check the problem using the latest version of Cloud SDK if it is possible. If the issue persists, please share the following data and information:

  • presentation file
  • font files
  • output PNG files
  • SDK version you used

We need more details to check the problem on our end. Please describe how to reproduce the problem and share files and code.