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Merging Slides: Aspect Ratio of Output Slides Is Crashing

Hi Team,

While I am trying to merge slides from various presentation uploaded in aspose cloud. When the final output comes. Your system is giving 1:1 aspect ratio slides and some of the content is overflowing. Kindly look at this issue.Screenshot (66).png (170.5 KB)

Thank you for contacting support.

To help you in the best possible way, we need some additional data. Please share the following:

  • input and output files
  • code example that reproduces the problem

Hi Andrey, In the process I am creating a empty ppt first and merging two ppts. Empty ppt would be generated in nodejs and I am unable to attach .pptx extension file here. So please refer to the pdf document attached which contains merge code.merge_code.pdf (34.4 KB) . Thanks in advance.

You can zip the files and upload the archive here. Please share your input files for merge and the output result.

Hi, Please find the zipped file below. You will see input and output files when you extract. I have named them input and output files. please find the zip archive with the below link

Aspose.Slides Cloud API creates new presentations with the slide size 720 x 540 while your input presentation has slides with the size 960 x 540. Because the merge is performed into a new presentation, all slides become the same size. You can change the slide size of the target presentation as shown below:

const cloud = require("asposeslidescloud")

const slidesApi = new cloud.SlidesApi("my_client_id", "my_client_key")

const slideProperties = new cloud.SlideProperties()
slideProperties.Width = 960
slideProperties.Height = 540
slideProperties.ScaleType = "EnsureFit"

slidesApi.setSlideProperties("empty.pptx", slideProperties).then((response) => {

You can also check the slide size of your presentations using getSlideProperties method.

API Reference: GetSlideProperties | SetSlideProperties