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Merge/Combine Word Documents in Zapier lose formatting

I am using Aspose with Zapier to merge two or more docx files together.
My issue is that when I merge using Zapier then the documents lose certain formatting styles. For example text that has styling with “Heading 1” changes to normal. This causes an issue with the table of contents. Strangely when I use this url https://products.aspose.app/words/merger and merge the same documents the formatting doesn’t get lost.


Please share your sample input documents along with the output document. We will test the scenario and will share our findings with you.

Please find two documents attached to test with.
I noticed when testing that when I merging the documents, the FIRST document in the merge keeps the formatting as expected; however the next documents lose the formating. If you change the order of these 2 documents you will get that result.
Thanks2 - About Us.docx (29.9 KB)
3 - Terms & Conditions.docx (41.5 KB)


Thanks for sharing the sample documents and additional information. We will test the scenario and share our findings with you soon.


We have reproduced the reported issue and logged a ticket APPS-146 to fix the issue. We will notify you as soon as it is resolved.

great thanks!

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Hi - any updated on this ticket as yet.

Thank you


I am afraid the ticket investigation is still pending in the queue, as we recently noticed the issue. We will share an update with you as soon as we complete the issue investigation.


As an update, please note we have planned the issue analysis. We will share our findings/ETA with your soon.

Hi - any updates on this?


We have completed the issue analysis and now working on the fix. We will update you as soon as we update the fix at Zapier. Thanks for your patience.

Hi. Any updates on this please?


We are sorry for the inconvenience. We have to switch to another high priority issue. I have requested for an update on your above reported issue and will share it with you soon.

Hi Tilal

I hope you are well?

Where can I track this issue’s development progress? Any ETA as yet?

It has been many months now.




I have escalated the issue to the next level and will share an update as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

any updates please?


We have resumed the work on the above reported issue and hopefully, if everything works as planned then we will be able to provide you with a fix next week.


We have good news for you. We have fixed the above reported issue. We have introduced the Import Format parameter. Now, you can use ‘KeepSourceFormatting’ or ‘UseDestinationStyles’ formatting properties as per your requirements.

thanks - what is the correct option to use n my case.

I see the options:

It seems like KeepSourceFormatting would be the correct option in my case?


Yes, it looks like KeepSourceFormatting value will be used in your case.