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HTML to PDF and Merge PDF documents API calls missing entries in the API usage logs

We have a Aspose Total cloud plan, and we use the word to pdf and html to pdf features along with merging pdf or documents into pdf. We created an application and are using the client id (appsid) and client secret (appkey) when we create the appropriate aspose objects, and the functions seem to work until we reach the 150 api limit, and then our calls start to fail. We have also noticed that the only traffic listed in the api logs in our dashboard are those that use the Word api for converting doc/docx to pdf. We do not see the creation of folders and uploading of documents to storage. Over the weekend we must have again reached a limit because we received this error:

"RequestId": "Root=1-604d3574-61470edb4997198f1ae8e60f",
"Error": {
    "Code": "accessRestricted",
    "Message": "Customer not found.",
    "Description": "Operation Failed. A limit was hit.",
    "DateTime": "2021-03-13T21:58:12.729904Z",
    "InnerError": null

Again, we have a paid plan, so why we are not getting accurate api statistics for how many requests we are making nor the api logs to show all of our traffic needs to be looked into.

Please let us know what other information would enable you to resolve our issue.



We noticed this issue on weekend and fixed it as well. Hopefully, you are not getting this error any further. Please let us know if you still facing the problem.

We are looking into the logs and will share our findings with you shortly.


We have checked the logs against your subscription. We only found 19 Aspose.Words Cloud API calls in the last 30 days and no call with the limit. Please share your Credentials (Client ID/Client Secret) in a private message for further investigation. Please also confirm whether you have more than one subscription of aspose.cloud.

The words api takes in clientId and Secret, and PdfApi takes in (AppSid - clientid) and (AppKey - Secret) and we used to be able to see all our calls in the API logs (create folder, upload file, html to pdf, and merging of documents), but now we just see the word api calls in the API. We have (2) accounts, the first was created to try it all out and it was also converted to paid, and then I downgraded that account. Now we just use this account: #200915025814 with the application credentials provided above. We really need to get these issues resolved because our application is in production and users have complained about failures to generate these reports using our software. Please let me know if there is anything else you need from us in order to resolve the issue.


Thanks for sharing the credentials. Please note always share confidential information via private message instead of public message. So I have removed your credentials from the post. To be on the safe side please regenerate your Client Secret and update your application code accordingly.

I made three API requests of CreateFolder and GetFilesList API methods of Aspose.Words Cloud using your credentials. These API calls are reflecting in the server logs. Please confirm these calls from your API usage logs from aspose.cloud dashboard.


We have noticed an issue with Aspose.PDF Cloud API call logs. We are fixing it with high priority and will notify you soon.


We have already fixed the Aspose.PDF API calls log issue. You would be able to notice your all API calls in the API usage log in your aspose.cloud dashboard. Please let us know if you still face any issues in your API usage log.