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Has There Been a Breaking Change in the API?

We’ve had existing code that has been working form many years. It looks like we are not getting errors from the code. Downloading the most recent version of the API looks like there have been many changes.

What is the most recent supported versions of the API?

Thank you for posting the query.

Could you please clarify which Aspose.Slides Cloud APIs you are using?

What’s an easy way to tell? Looking in Configuration.php I see:

protected $base_path = "v3.0";


protected $clientVersion = '19.6.0';

Thank you for the additional information.

You are using Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for PHP. The newest version of the API is 21.10.

Is 19 no longer supported? it looks like Replacing text no longer works?

Some issues could only be fixed in newer versions. Please check your results using the latest version of API.

I upgraded to the new PHP SDK, and modified my code to use the new calls. Looks like there is an issue with Aspose as the exact same calls (and source files) sometimes work and sometimes don’t.

See me other post.

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