Functionality to merge Docx and xlsx files into PPT

I would like to confirm that do the Aspose.Words cloud Product provide a feature to merge docx or xlsx files to a PPT ? I was asked by Aspose.Slides Cloud Support team to ask in this forum .


I am afraid you cannot achieve your requirement with a single API to merge DOCX and XLSX to PPT, but with the collaboration of Aspose.Cells Cloud API, Aspose.Words Cloud API and Aspose.Slides Cloud API.

First, merge your XLSX files to PPT using Aspose.Cells Cloud API, then convert DOCX to PDF using Aspose.Words Cloud API and finally import the content of this PDF document to PPT using Aspose.Slides Cloud API. Hopefully, it will help you accomplish the task.

Thanks for the info @tilal.ahmad . just a small clarification needed about the step to convert DOCX to PDF using [Aspose.Words Cloud API . Is it that the Aspose.slides cloud API dont allow docx to convert to PPT directly ?


Yes, Aspose.Slides Cloud API does not support direct conversion of DOCX/DOC to PPT/PPTX.

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