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XLSX -> CSV Conversion Not Working Properly

Aspose Team: Example files are in my internal storage. Hoping you can just reference these, otherwise I need to scrub some data first.

Shipping Invoice_SCM_2022.01_4_Client Detail.xlsx is my first file. I successfully use your APIs to split the sheets into separate xlsx files.

In this case, there’s only one sheet so it’s split to FedEx.xlsx and then I tried converting this to CSV which results in FedEx.xlsx.csv

The issue is happening when I then go to convert the resulting xlsx files into CSVs. This used to work, but now it looks like it’s not fully converting the 3rd to last line, and then the 2nd to last and last lines are completely skipped.


We checked the issue and found an issue(CELLSCLOUD-11414) with converting buffered data.
We’ll address questions about converting buffered data.

Hope you can provide test data to verify if this is causing your problem.

We fixed the issues about converting buffered data.
Please try to convert Xlsx to CSV again.

Looks good. Thanks!