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Wordpress plugin, stopped exporting AFC meta data

the “Aspose.Words Exporter” plugin recently stopped exporting ACF custom fields (Advanced custom fields pro), from my posts.

ive tried version 5.2 and 5.3 both seem to only export the post title, but if i add in “export date” it also exports the date in the docx file

ive been using the plugin for a while and no major changes has happend to my codebase nor Advanced custom fields to my knowlegde.

By the testing ive done it seems that something happend from version 5.1 - 5.2 of ‘Aspose.Words Exporter’. is there anyway to clarify this ? :slight_smile:

System versions:
Wordpress 5.5.1
ACF 5.9.1
Aspose.Words Exporter 5.3.1


We are investigating the issue(WORDPRESS-98) and will fix it asap.

Currently, the new revamped version only exports title, excerpt, body, date, etc by default. However for customized export it supports twig templates.

@tilal.ahmad do you have any kinda ETA ? :slight_smile:

and thank you for a quick reponse ill keep checking for updates


We have planned the issue investigation in this week. Once the investigation is completed then we will be in a good position to share an ETA. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.