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(Wordpress Export) Line breaks missing from text in exported table cells

I am trying out the Aspose.Cloud’s Wordpress plugin to determine whether to use it for providing downloadable/editable copies of our site posts.

Many of our posts use HTML tables to arrange source text in table rows and cells. We use line breaks (carriage returns, CR) to provide limited but crucial formatting within table cells.

In the exported TXT, ODT, and DOCX files, carriage returns do not appear to be preserved at all for text within HTML formatted table cells.

This issue occurs with DOCX, ODT, and TXT file exports (and I assume with other file formats as well).

Expected behavior: carriage return data is used to determine EOL (end of line) for all text within cells formatted in HTML.


We are investigating the issue. However, we will appreciate it if you please share your sample post(html text/code) along with the current output. It will help us to address your issue exactly.

Thank you Ahmad.

Here is some sample input from our Wordpress site.

And here is the output (in ODT format) through Aspose.Cloud.

I looked at the twig file and I think this issue with missing line breaks may have something to do with how the raw post.content is being processed.


Thanks for sharing the sample posts. Kindly note we are using Aspose.Words Cloud API in Aspose.Words Exporter WordPress Plugin. We try to mimic Microsoft Word as closest as possible in Aspose.Words Cloud API. When we convert the HTML of your post to DOCX using Microsoft Word, it does not honor line breaks. So it seems expected behavior.

I’m sorry but I am not sure I understand your response.

Are you saying that we should use DOCX for export instead of ODT?

Or, are you saying that whichever export format we choose, line breaks will be ignored (and that that is normal, expected behavior)?

It seems to me that line breaks are important, and should not be ignored regardless of the export format.


I am sorry for the confusion. I have investigated further the issue and noticed line break(<b>) conversion issue in Aspose.Words Exporter WordPress Plugin. So logged a ticket WORDPRESS-508 for issue resolution. We will notify you as soon as we resolve the issue.