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Word Mail Merge REST API request of Aspose.Words Cloud fails intermittently

Hello there

We run document merges in batches - so at any given point of time, we may have ~200 documents to be merged as part of the job. In certain cases we noticed that some of the documents are not printed

Yesterday - we noticed

1. none of the documents got printed

2. while printing documents individually we got the response ‘An error has occurred’ in our DELETE call.

At this time, I am not able to reproduce this issue again as this issue occurs intermittently and this is an annoying


It failed everything in the morning - none of the documents to printed for the end user

I checked recently and it did not fail for me.

Q1. Was there any outage or any changes being done which may have caused the issue to blow up abnormally yesterday ?

Q2. Is it a known issue from Aspose side ?

Our merge calls follow this sequence:

1. read the word document fields

2. merge the word header fields - stage file created

3. merge the word tables to the stage file - final merged file

4. update fields to reevaluate the merge fields

5. delete the stage file

6. download the final merged file as PDF ( file?format=pdf )

7. delete the final merged file

I see that there is one other post with similar concerns … Could it be that while the document is being merged, the file is not yet available to be deleted ?

Hi there,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We are looking into this and will get back to you as soon as possible.


Hi there,

Thanks for waiting.

I have been informed that there was a performance issue on the servers a few days ago but this appears to have cleared up. Could you please confirm if you are still facing any issues now?


Thanks Adam for the response. I can print the documents now and do not see the same issue.

This is a huge concern for us - any downtime has a huge impact in the business of the clients which prohibits them from doing what they need to do NOW. Can I know what action’s been taken to avoid this in the future?

Thank you

Hi Sunil,

Aspose for Cloud is hosted on Amazon servers and is using Amazon EC2. Amazon were facing connectivity issue in some regions and there was a performance issue as well which affected some of our Cloud customers as well.

We had changed nothing and there was no issue on our end; all issues were coming from Amazon EC2. Amazon EC2 is a reliable service and this is the first chance we noticed this issue. Hopefully, they will keep an eye on it and this will not happen again.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,


Nevermind, could be because I’ve hit usage limits on the trial account. If this is the case, maybe change it to not be so generic, lol. Thanks.

---------ORIGINAL MESSAGE--------

I appear to be having this issue right now, on a trial account though.

Just throws a generic “An error has occurred” message when I try to do a merge.

It was working fine earlier, then I looked into it throwing an error message on the length of file names and then this happened.

The merge happens after the local file is uploaded to Aspose Cloud.

Is there an issue with Amazon right now? Thanks.

Hi Alfran,

Good to know that you have figured it out and thanks for letting us know.

Best Regards,