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Word Document Mail Merge API of Aspose.Words Cloud Error: Invalid URL: The URI scheme is not valid

This morning, between 8am and 11 am AEDST, we were getting there error messages from Aspose.

This was the error message and the time (which is in your time zone) - 12/16/2018 11:28 PM

Error: Invalid URI: The URI scheme is not valid… Method: Execute document mail merge operation… Parameters: name ‘LPoA_Minute.docx.39436104-0FF5-4990-814E-626264E9987B’,withRegions ‘False’,mailMergeDataFile ‘’,cleanup ‘None’,filename ‘’,folder ‘’,useWholeParagraphAsRegion ‘True’,destFileName ‘’

And then,

EXACTLY the same call - 12/16/2018 11:49 PM
Success: Execute document mail merge operation… name ‘LPOA.docx.DCFBD82B-AEA5-4FF1-8944-E54F1E47F578’,withRegions ‘True’,mailMergeDataFile ‘’,cleanup ‘None’,filename ‘’,folder ‘’,useWholeParagraphAsRegion ‘True’,destFileName ‘’

It just started working with no rhyme or reason.

Can you PLEASE explain to me what this “Invalid URI” message means and why we are getting it some times and then 20 minutes later, we are not getting it any more?

URI_failing.png (36.0 KB)
URI_working.png (63.8 KB)

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

We have logged this issue WORDSCLOUD-659 in our internal tracking software for further investigation and will update you soon with our findings.

The “Invalid URI” error means that the URL (that comes from Image href in the template) does not contain scheme (‘http://’ or ‘https://’) or it is invalid. Please verify that the image URLs in the “Mail Merge Data” file are correct.

Thanks for your patience. We have investigated the issue, but we are unable to reproduce the issue. We will appreciate it if you please test the scenario with recently released API version 4. Furthermore, please also check 19.5 release, we have simplified the mail merge feature in the V4 API version.