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Where is the old dashboard and Billing History? Explain pricing!

When I first signed up for Aspose Free Trial, I was met with an old dashboard with an icon of lifebelt/lifesaver. There was a section called Billing History or something where I could see all my calls and how many credits they charged as well.

I logged in again a few days ago and that old dashboard is replaced with a newer, modern-looking one. It’s good, but I can’t find the Billing History anymore that shows how many credits were charged for a call :confused: ???

The thing is that the old Billing History showed that credits were only charged for API calls that uploaded a file to Aspose’s cloud server. All other calls, like reading textboxes and checkboxes from PDF, authenticating using ‘/connect/token’ and ‘/oauth2/token’ were FREE.

Was that old dashboard showing incorrect information? Because your pricing terms are all over the place.

I am using Free Trial of Aspose.PDF API with 150 free credits per month and I have a couple of questions:

  • Does authentication API calls charge credits? (’/connect/token’ and ‘/oauth2/token’)
  • Does uploading a file to Aspose Cloud Storage charge credits?
  • Does reading PDF data through API calls charge credits? (e.g. ‘/pdf/{pdf_name}/fields/textbox’)
  • Does deleting a file from Aspose Cloud Storage charge credits?

I’m concerned, because authentication needs to be done every 24 hours, and to use PDF API calls, you need to have the files uploaded to Aspose Cloud Storage. And PDF API calls and Aspose Cloud Storage require calls to two different authentication endpoints (/connect/ and /oauth2/). This means that I need at least 2 API calls per 24 hours for authentication, 2 API calls for files (uploading and deleting), and then however many calls I’ll need for the actual operations.

Authentication: 2 credits
Aspose Storage: 2 credits per file
PDF operations: x credits

That’s 4 credits + x credits per file. This will deplete the free 150 credits pretty fast…

Is this true? If not, then please clarify! Thanks :slight_smile:


Please check the API Usage logs in Billing menu.

And kindly note in the new Pricing plan, the authentication calls are not being charged. However, storage API calls(upload/download/delete, etc.) are charged in it because the price of a credit(API call) was reduced 3 times in the new Pricing plan. So in short each API call is charged except authentication API calls now. Hopefully, it answers your questions.

That clarifies it, thanks!

Would manually logging in to the Dashboard and manually uploading/deleting files be counted as a credit, or are credits strictly reserved for API calls only?

Clarification for posterity: as per December 2019, each and every API call is chargeable, meaning it will use up credit. That’s why the new Dashboard doesn’t show which API call is chargeable or not anymore. Any call in your API Usage Log is chargeable by default, and any API call not listed there isn’t (e.g. authentication calls).

Leaving it here just in case anyone else stumbles upon this wondering the same :slight_smile:

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No, dashboard operations are not charged. Only REST API calls to products are counted.

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