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What is different between Aspose.Total for .NET on premises APIs and Aspose REST APIs File Formatting solution

We have recently completed a successful trial of Aspose total for a new application that we are working on.

The initial work was done with the Aspose total for .Net libraries, but on reviewing the pricing the cloud solution seems a lot more attractive for a project in its early stages.

Are there any differences between the two offerings in terms of available api’s etc? Any potential pitfalls in terms of moving from Cloud to .Net or visa versa?


Thanks for contacting support.

Our Cloud APIs are developed on top of .NET APIs and they contain most of the features but there are some features which may not be available in Cloud APIs. However please note that the team is continuously working on adding more and more features and with every new release, new features will be added.

From pricing perspective, you need to purchase full year license subscription no matter how much you use the APIs in your applications. However concerning to Cloud APIs, you get the pay as you go option i.e. you only pay for the time-frame in which you use our APIs.

Both APIs have different implementation approach and in order to switch between either of them, you will have to update the code implementation.

Should you have any related query, please feel free to contact.