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What about OneNote files on OneDrive?

OneNote currently moves from a local Office file format to a feature-rich cloud based app, e.g. hosted at OneDrive and managed via Office Online. Can I make use of Aspose.Note in this case without any restrictions? I mean download the whole (possibly very large) file when accessing any page content is not an option - or?

Hi Frank,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm sorry to share with you that currently there is no way to access and edit OneNote documents over the cloud. I've logged an investigation to implement your requirement. This task has been logged under ticket id NOTENET-204 in our issue tracking system. We'll let you know once our development team proposes a solution. Please be patient and spare us a little time.


thanks for quick reply.

I think using OneNote with OneDrive will be the most often used combination to have access to all your notes anytime from anywhere with any device using Office Online. OneNote is a free App now, and will be available on any device (including iPad). OneNote should be queried by any app then using REST services (see the new OneNote API). No need to move the whole file to find a page and process via API...

Thanks, Frank

Hi Frank,

Thank you for sharing these details. I have passed this information to our development team. As soon as we have made some significant progress, we would be more than happy to update you with the status of correction.

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