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Very slow response from api

We are trying integrate with slides cloud api, and it is extremely slow, it takes about 1 minute to convert 1 pptx with 2 slides to Jpeg.
We make

  • 1 request to upload file
  • 1 request to get count slides
    And 3 requests each slide
  • 1 for get info about size to estimate aspect ratio
  • 1 for split current slide into Jpeg
  • 1 for downloading result

And is very slow for such operation, it should take about 1-2 seconds for all but it takes about minute, and some of inherited requests about 20 seconds. And some times we just getting timeout Exception.

Is it depending on some thing ? maybe it is because we are using free plan ? Will this behavior change after change plan ?


Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, the processing time depends upon the document size. You may share your sample code along with the document. We will check and share our findings with you. Secondly, there is no difference in file processing between the paid plan and the free plan, but the free plan has a 150 monthly API calls cap.