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/v5.0/ocr/RecognizePdf Status Never Changes

I’m trying out the OCR cloud api’s to see if this is something we can use on a project I’m working on.
At this point, I’m using the free version and “kicking the tires”

I’ve set up postman, and am trying to follow the flow here: https://docs.aspose.cloud/ocr/recognize-pdf/

  1. Get Access Token seems to be working fine.
  2. Send PDF file for recognition … I’m getting an response token (xxxxxxxx-464d-476c-87a4-a5cb4b79c42a)
  3. Fetch PDF recognition results … (https://api.aspose.cloud/v5.0/ocr/RecognizePdf?id=xxxxxxxx-464d-476c-87a4-a5cb4b79c42a)
    I keep running this and always get a response:
    “id”: “bea97a5f-464d-476c-87a4-a5cb4b79c42a”,
    “responseStatusCode”: “NoAnyResultData”,
    “taskStatus”: “Pending”,
    “results”: null,
    “error”: null

I assume the “taskStatus”:“Pending” means that there is some process still running on the PDF I submitted in #2. But since I never get a response, I’m not sure if what I submitted was too big or if there is something going on with these API’s.

How do I troubleshoot a “RecongnizePDF” flow that just never finishes?



Please share your input document with us for investigation.