/v5.0/ocr/RecognizePdf Status Never Changes

I’m trying out the OCR cloud api’s to see if this is something we can use on a project I’m working on.
At this point, I’m using the free version and “kicking the tires”

I’ve set up postman, and am trying to follow the flow here: PDF recognition|Documentation

  1. Get Access Token seems to be working fine.
  2. Send PDF file for recognition … I’m getting an response token (xxxxxxxx-464d-476c-87a4-a5cb4b79c42a)
  3. Fetch PDF recognition results … (https://api.aspose.cloud/v5.0/ocr/RecognizePdf?id=xxxxxxxx-464d-476c-87a4-a5cb4b79c42a)
    I keep running this and always get a response:
    “id”: “bea97a5f-464d-476c-87a4-a5cb4b79c42a”,
    “responseStatusCode”: “NoAnyResultData”,
    “taskStatus”: “Pending”,
    “results”: null,
    “error”: null

I assume the “taskStatus”:“Pending” means that there is some process still running on the PDF I submitted in #2. But since I never get a response, I’m not sure if what I submitted was too big or if there is something going on with these API’s.

How do I troubleshoot a “RecongnizePDF” flow that just never finishes?


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Please share your input document with us for investigation.

I have the same problem. Have you solved it?


We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please share your input document along with the sample code. We will investigate the issue and guide you accordingly.