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Using Aspose with Integromat / Make regularly times out

This has always been an issue, but it’s been exacerbated lately to the point of not working at all.

I use Make (Formerly known as Integromat) for a variety of automations.

One of my automations essentially does:

  • Split Excel worksheet
  • Iterate over sheets
  • Delete the top row in each sheet
  • For each sheet; usually some mix of converting XLSX to CSV, deleting columns, and downloading the sheet

Everything works great when it works, but often one of the Aspose requests will time out and will stop the whole thing.

What’s interesting is that when I check my API usage, the requests appear to be going through and giving 200s - but perhaps it’s not sending that back? Or perhaps the Make integration is broken? I’m unsure who supports the integration, and where the error lies.

So, sometimes the first couple Aspose requests make it through, but then the next one hangs and it all breaks after a timeout.

First, we’ll simulate your workflow to reproduce the issue.
Second, can you give us a point in time so we can examine the service logs to analyze the cause of the problem?

Thank you @wangtao

I tried probably a dozen or two times yesterday around the time I made my post.

I’m also trying right now as I post this message: First attempt resulted in split workbook working, deleting the top row of the first sheet working, counting the columns working, and then tripping up on deleting columns.

Below is a screenshot from my Aspose API usage

image.png (19.0 KB)

I’ll try a few times further now, so you should have some other data to work with. I’ll comment back if it works all the way through - but certainly still some hiccups (Although surprised it made it that far today!)

Thank you for the information, we have started the checking work.
Hope to find out the cause as soon as possible.

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Thanks! Will await


At the moment, we think it’s the performance of the cloud service platform that causes the issue.
So we plan to migrate the Cells Cloud service to a more efficient service platform, which may take a month or two.

Thanks for the update; of course I hope it’s sooner rather than later :slight_smile:


Yes, we also want to complete the replacement as soon as possible, but there is still a month to synchronize the old and new environments.


We have switched Cells Cloud Services to the Kubernetes Containerize platform.

Thanks! Will attempt soon and let you know if I have any additional problems. Appreciate your assistance!

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You’re welcome, it’s my pleasure.