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Urgent :: Your pricing plan allows processing files with maximum size of '10485760' MB.. Method

We have configured aspose with salesforce to generate pdf from docx. Since yesterday evening suddenly file generation has stop with following error,

Error: Your pricing plan allows processing files with maximum size of
‘10485760’ MB… Method: Populate document template with data…
Parameters: name ‘xxxxx.docx’,folder
‘xxxxxx’,filename ‘’,cleanup
‘UnusedRegions’,useWholeParagraphAsRegion ‘True’,withRegions
‘True’,destFileName ‘’,storage ‘Aspose for Cloud Default Storage’

I have come acrossed below url. Is this issue resolved ?

Because of this all work has stopped. Could you help on this ASAP ? We are badly stuck now.


We are sorry for the inconvenience. We already noticed the issue with some other accounts due to a recent change in the billing system. We are investigating and will fix it soon. However, please share the APP SID that is throwing the above error. Because we are unable to find any log against your current user(OrionDev) email id.

Yes, this issue was fixed with Aspose.Slides Cloud API Version 3.0.

Hope it’s safe to share APP SID here with you?


Thanks, Yes we found the logs against the shared APP SID. And will update you with the fix soon.

Hi Tilal,
Please let me know the ETA on the fix. My client’s business is completely blocked due to this issue since yesterday.
How soon can I expect the fix?


Thanks for your patience. We have fixed the issue, it should work now. Kindly check and confirm if you still face any issue.

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