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Uploading PDF document using Aspose Cloud API throws Server error: 504 Gateway Time-out

We are uploading a long pdf (96 pages) file for conversion to html and getting a 504 Gateway Time-out,

Can you please take a look?


We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

We are unable to reproduce the issue on our end. Would you please ensure you are using one of the following 3 APIs to convert PDF Document to HTML format:

GET /pdf/{name}/convert/html
PUT /pdf/{name}/convert/html
PUT /pdf/convert/html

The API return output document in a ZIP format which you later unzip to get the HTML document.

Would you please share the PDF document size (in KBs or MBs) or the sample document itself, it may help us in reproducing the issue on our end.

As of this morning the issue appears to have resolved itself.

Just to be clear, we were successfully processing documents through Aspose,

We had two documents each with about 100 pages in them, they failed and we received the 504 response from the Aspose api. All other documents we were processing successfully.

The url we were using was:

We tried a number of things but made no changes.

Checking the documents today they were working.


Yes, we were able to found the reason for 504 Gateway time-out and deployed a quick workaround.