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Update existing xlsb file using aspose cells cloud api

I want to update an XLSB file using cloud API, the file will be uploaded by the user. In the first sheet of the uploaded file, I want to add new data.

The following are my questions:

  1. Do I need to upload the XLSB file to aspose cloud to process it, or can I process it locally? I would prefer to process the file without uploading it to aspose cloud.
  2. Will setValue for each cell be counted as one API call and 1 credit be charged?
  3. I want to use node js cloud API for this document processing, can you point me to a suitable reference.

Thank you in Advance


Yes, currently you need to upload your XLSB file to cloud storage. If you do not want to use Aspose Cloud Storage then you can use any third party Cloud Storage of your choice.

However, in near future, we are going to launch Aspose.Cells Cloud Docker Container. So you can use it for self hosting Aspose.Cells Cloud and process files locally.

Yes, you need to use PostWorksheetCellSetValue API method to add new data in the Excel Worksheet. And each API call consumes 1 credit.

Please check Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Node.js. Hopefully it will help you to accomplish the task.