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Unexpected 504 from aspose client: Reason: Gateway Time-out


Since today, we have been receiving a large amount of errors about an unexpected 504. We have not made any changes recently, and the Aspose status page only shows issues for documentation.

Is anything going on, and if so, could this be communicated?

Thank you in advance, I’ll be able to provide further details if needed.


Could you please provide more details about the issue you are facing, along with screenshots demonstrating the problem? Are you using any free apps (if so, which application), cloud APIs (please specify URL and module) or else?

Once we have evaluated the information you provide, we will be able to offer more assistance.

We are using the Cloud API. Aspose.Words module

We are receiving the following error both 502 and 504:

Unexpected 504 from aspose client: Reason: Gateway Time-out Contents:
504 Gateway Time-out
504 Gateway Time-out


We are sorry for the inconvenience. We have redeployed our containers, and the Aspose.Words Cloud API is working as expected now. Furthermore, we have identified some issues in our server logs and are investigating the root cause of the problem to avoid this in the future.