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Understanding Credit Usage


I’m working on a new project and want to make sure I properly understand credit usage for my client’s scenario. In a nutshell, we will have a PDF template that we will swap out form field values for and then download a new copy.

Assuming I have a PDF template, abc.pdf:

  • 1 credit to upload abc.pdf. Assume we store identifier for template on our end.
  • 1 credit to get a list of fields in abc.pdf. Assume we store that list of fields on our end for future calls.

So to start, 2 credits any time we want to store a new PDF template in Aspose and then use it at a later date.

Then, for each instance,

  • 1 credit to make a copy of the template to xyz.pdf to abc.pdf
  • 1 credit to send new field values (n-number) to Aspose to update in abc.pdf
  • 1 credit to download updated version of abc.pdf
  • 1 credit to delete abc.pdf once we are done with it.

So then 4 credits for each time we perform a full document manipulation and download, correct?

follow-up on that, if we are using Azure storage, I assume we could do a direct download/delete using our own code after receiving a 200 response from the field update call?



Yes, your understanding is correct.

Yes, if you do not use the Aspose.PDF Cloud API to upload/download/delete storage files, this will not consume any credit.

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Thanks for the clarification, I appreciate it.

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