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Unable to export WordPress posts with Aspose Doc Exporter


I have followed these steps exactly and still do not get a file to download? Can you help please? Thank you!

  1. Make sure you are logged-in to a WordPress site as Admin level account.
  2. Make sure you have set up Aspose App Key & Id on the plugin configuration page. For further details on how to get app keys, click here .
  3. Navigate to the page or posts which you want to export to doc.
  4. Select the “Posts / Pages” you want to export and then select Aspose Export to DOC from Bulk Actions.
  5. Click Apply.
    This exports all selected posts or pages into a DOC document file and gives you link for downloading the DOC file.

Bien à vous / Best regards
Karen Abbott,
FarmTech Solutions Inc.


Thank you for contacting us. We are testing the WordPress plugin to diagnose the downloading issue and will update you once the issue is fixed.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

I have done all that- and checked it thrice. I get no link notification.



Thank you for contacting Aspose Support.

The Aspose Doc Exporter plugin is working perfectly fine on our end. Please select Aspose Export to File from Bulk Actions drop-down menu as shown in the following screenshot and then press Apply button adjacent to it.

You should see a dialog to save the output Word Document as shown below: