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The Aspose Docs are ridiculously out-of-date!

I can’t believe it’s so difficult to find updated and accurate information in your online documentations and tutorials. It took me several dozen searches just to get the right API URLs to use, because I often found outdated versions and couldn’t tell, and some had another version in them and I didn’t know if they were maintained or not.

What’s more, it was super hard to find the right authorizations API URLs, because I kept finding outdated ones with different version numbers, while in the end, it was just

And finally, the main reason I’m here: I just followed your guides (this and this) to integrate Google Drive to Aspose Storage, and guess what, both of those tutorials show this URL as the callback URI:

And guess what? I kept getting a 400 error that the provided callback URL wasn’t authorized in my application… turns out the real callback URL is actually:

and the only reason I managed to find it is because the Google error actually showed me the URL that wasn’t authorized…

I can’t believe how inaccurate and out of date some of the docs can be, and I’m dumb-founded by how insanely hard it is to tell apart old code from new, and outright flabbergasted by the fact that new, up-to-date information to some of the essential features is pretty much non-existant…

Sorry, had to rant about this as this is a great serivce with poorly maintained documentation!


Thanks for your feedback. The customer’s blunt feedback will help us to improve our product. Recently, we have released microservice based REST APIs and that results in a complete revamp of examples in the documentation. We have almost completed most of the documentation but still some work in progress. We have escalated your concerns to the next level and requested to complete it asap. We are very much hopeful to complete it very soon.

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