Tahoma font support

while converting from html to pdf. Tahoma font does not seem to be supported. Is that true?


Please share your input and output document with us and kindly also confirm which API method you are using for the conversion. We will look into the issue and will guide you accordingly.

index_html.pdf (807 Bytes)
index-aspose-html-cloud.pdf (68.9 KB)

SDK used:

please rename thefile index_html.pdf to index.html.


It seems you are using a quite old SDK. However, I have tested the scenario using the latest SDK version but unfortunately, it is not working as expected So I have logged a ticket(HTMLCLOUD-2151) for further investigation and rectification. We will keep you updated about the issue resolution progress within this forum thread.


In reference to above reported issue, please note that commercial fonts require a license, so they can’t be used out of the box. However, if you have a Tahoma license, as an option, you can upload the font to your own server (for example to AWS S3) and link the font in CSS, as in the example:

@font-face {
font-family: myTahoma;
src: url(https://clientserver.com/tahoma.woff);

div {
font-family: myFirstFont;

Similarly, any font from CDN can be used. For example, all Google web fonts that are free to use.