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Tables are getting truncated during HTML to WORD conversion with Aspose.Words Cloud

Hi Team,

We are doing Html to Word conversion using Aspose.Words cloud. While doing the conversion, one of the rows in the table is not coming in the generated word document. Also, the data in one of the table cells is getting truncated.

The difference between the html and the generated word file can be seen in difference.png (278.8 KB)

We have also attached the html and word files here for your reference. aspose_word_table_issues (2).zip (30.5 KB)

We request you to please have a look and resolve this issue asap as we have already purchased Aspose Words Cloud API and are going live with our solution this Thursday i.e. 11th October 2018. We really need this issue fixed prior to our release.

We have also raised a similar post from our free account - HTML to Word Conversion with Aspose.Words Cloud API truncates table data

Please let us know if you need any further details to resolve this issue.



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Thanks for your inquiry. As already suggested in your other related post, please do not use “page-break-inside: avoid” in CSS for table rows.

For testing, we have removed the page-break-inside CSS style for table row from your source HTML file. Now, the word conversion is working fine. Please find attached input and output (43.2 KB)
for reference. Hopefully it will help you to resolve the issue.