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Support to Read Optical Mark Recognition(OMR) Answer Sheets in Aspose REST APIs

Hi all,

we’re working on scanned documents processing software and would like to know if Aspose.OCR cloud is able to perform Optical Mark Recognition - extract information about checked and unchecked checkboxes from scanned documents (tiff embedded in PDF).

Thanks in advance



Aspose.OMR Cloud should be able to serve your purpose. Please go through the ReadMe page of Aspose.OMR Cloud .NET SDK and let us know if you have any questions or need any further information.

P.S. Aspose.OMR Cloud SDKs for other platforms are available here



Question, are you planning on only having OMR thru cloud (metered), if i would like to get a Developer OEM for OMR, what can i do?


We are having discussion within our team to decide whether we can offer Aspose.OMR APIs under Develop OEM licence. We will update you here as we reach a conclusion.


As an update, please note in addition to Aspose.OMR Cloud API, we have released Aspose.OMR on-premise API as well. Please check its licensing details for your requirement.