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Support of AWS CVO and Azure Netapp Storage in Aspose Cloud API

Couple of questions on Aspose Cloud product: kindly clarify

  • Does Aspose cloud provide support for AWS cloud (Amazon) and Azure cloud (Microsoft) platforms.

  • Requirement is to read and modify hyperlinks of text documents (word, excel, powerpoint, text files, pdf, htmls etc.,) located in AWS and Azure cloud platforms using Aspose cloud APIs (.net APIs) programatically.

  • More especially, accessing files from AWS CVO and Azure Netapp ?


Yes, you can manipulate documents using Aspose Cloud APIs. You can process files from supported cloud storages or request body(stream). Aspose Cloud APIs provides its own internal cloud storage along with the support of other 3rd party cloud storages. Hopefully, it helps. Otherwise, please feel free to ask for any further assistance.

Thanks. May I ask one more continuation question

? Will APIs support editing hyperlinks in documents located in Azure / AWS
? If I have access to azure / AWS environments, after installing azure cloud setup in my local machine, can I modify documents by adding aspose dlls as reference to visual studio
? Does Azure cloud product needs to be installed on server / local machine installation is supported

Kindly clarify @tilal.ahmad


We are looking into your query and will update you shortly.

More especially, accessing files from AWS CVO and Azure Netapp to be confirmed from ASPOSE CLOUD APIs PoV ? @tilal.ahmad kindly confirm this as well.

@tilal.ahmad and team,
Request to share contact information of support, for future references. Thanks


Yes, Aspose Cloud APIs support editing hyperlinks. However, we will appreciate it if you please share some sample documents. So we will test the scenario and will share more details along with the sample code.

Yes, after configuring your AWS S3 and Azure Storage with aspose.cloud account you can modify documents in VS. Either you can some Rest client to access our aspose.cloud APIs or install our .NET SDKs of Aspose Cloud APIs from NuGet.

No, you need to configure your Azure Storage with your aspose.cloud account.


Sorry for the delayed response. I am afraid we do not support AWS CVO or Azure Netapp but AWS S3 and Azure Storage.

However, I think to use AWS CVO or Azure Netapp, you can use aspose.cloud APIs with AWS S3/Azure Storage and setup external Netapp sync mechanism.


Please note we only use the forums for technical support. So please feel free to post your queries here. However, if you want to share any private query/information then you can mark the post private while creating it.

Thanks, is there some reference link to check on how to achieve functionalities of AWS CVO or Azure Netapp using aspose.cloud APIs ? @tilal.ahmad


As stated above Aspose Cloud APIs does not support AWS CVO or Azure Netapp.

However, you may try to use Aspose Cloud APIs with Amazon S3 or Azure Storage and sync Amazon S3 or Azure Storage to AWS CVO or Azure Netapp. Please google for details to sync data with Netapp.

Thanks @tilal.ahmad let me check

@tilal.ahmad -
? Is it possible to access documents on cloud volumes (CVO - Cloud Volume ONTAP) built on NetApp available natively on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, using ASPOSE CLOUD APIs (.NET)


As shared above, you may try to sync the cloud volumes (CVO - Cloud Volume ONTAP) built on NetApp with Amazon S3 or Azure Storage. Then you can configure the Amazon S3 or Azure Storage with aspose.cloud and access the documents.

@tilal.ahmad Thanks for the info.

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