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Support for Outbound Proxy in Node.js for cloud storage operations using Aspose.Words REST API


We are taking use of this package in our code : asposestoragecloud. But when the same is deployed to production where the server can only communicate with outside world through a outbound proxy. This stops working.

After investigating the package, which is taking use of “https” npm module, We couldn’t find any way to pass in proxy settings.

whereas the other npm package belonging to Aspose “asposewordscloud”, is using “request” as the underlying package to make http requests and it only requires two env variables to be set to start using the proxy server. Which is still manageable.

So, Can you plz work on this at the earliest as we need to go live with this code this weekend only. And We are a paid member of your services.



We have planned to integrate/merge Aspose.Storage APIs in Aspose.Words SDK (WORDSCLOUD-595). So, you do not need to add asposestoragecloud as a separate package.

We are afraid we may not be able to complete the above task very soon as a lot of other tasks are pending.

Any update on this plz


Thank you for contacting Aspose Cloud Support. Our product team is currently working on this thread. As soon as we get any more information we will share this with you. Any updates will be shipped in the next release cycle.


I would like to update you the status of WORDSCLOUD-595. We have already included storage APIs in Aspose.Words Cloud API Version V4.0. Now you can perform different storage related operations directly, without using a separate Cloud API for the purpose.