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Set Cell value, calculate formula and get Cell value in Excel with Node.js using Aspose.Cells REST API


I have an existing xlsx document. The xlsx document have some formulas as well.
Based on input, the cell value changes.

Using node js with aspose, do we have any api that can update the cell and get the updated cell value back?

For example:
I have EMI Calculator, If i update “C3”, “C7” will change automatically. Question is : using aspose api how will i write to C3 and read C7 after that? (22 Bytes)


Thank you for contacting Aspose Support. file is corrupted, we cannot expand it. Please check Aspose.Cells for Cloud API Reference page, it lists down all APIs of Aspose.Cells for Cloud.

EMI (38.9 KB)

Thanks for your quick response. I uploaded the file again for you to check.


Thank you for providing the input file. We are going to share with you a working example shortly.


Please call following three APIs in the given order, they would serve your purpose:

  1. Set Cell Value!/Cells/Cells_PostWorksheetCellSetValue
  2. Calculate Formula!/Cells/Cells_PostCellCalculate
  3. Read cell data by cell’s name!/Cells/Cells_GetWorksheetCell

Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Node.js examples

We have also written Postman example for your convenience: