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Search & Replace multiple strings in a single API Call with Aspose.Words Cloud

Hi support team,

Thanks for your awesome product, really love it!

Currently I am using NodeJS SDK to handle API Call with Aspose.Word. I have a small question:

I have a document like that:

{{ Text1 }} {{ Text2 }} {{ Text3 }} {{ Text4 }} ... {{ Text100 }}

Currently, I need to call Search & Replace API 100 times, and it not good for performance.
According to Replace multiple text items in a single API call using replaceText API of Aspose.Words Cloud, there is no way to do multiple Search & Replace in one API call.
But can you guys please tell me if there is another way to improve it?



Thank you for contacting Aspose Support.

I have logged a request WORDSCLOUD-409 for our Development team to extend
POST /words/{name}/replaceText API that will let you replace multiple text items in a single API call. Please spare us some time for implementation. Your patience would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

Please ping me whenever. multiple search & replace text feature is integrated.


Sure, we will update you here as soon as the feature is implemented.


We would suggest you use our Mail Merge features that are appropriate for the use case of mass text replacement.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSCLOUD-409) have been fixed in this update. This message was posted using Bugs notification tool by Ivanov_John


About, your above request, we have implemented the batch requests feature in the latest versions of Aspose.Words Cloud SDKs. Now, it allows you to run a bunch of requests as one. Please check the following sample code to search and replace multiple strings. Hopefully, it will help you to accomplish the task.

            string sourceFile = @"....source.docx";
            string remoteName = "source.docx";
            string resultFile = @"....result.docx";

            // old and new texts
            string[] oldTexts = { "Old", "2020" };
            string[] newTexts = { "New", "2021" };

            // add all replacements as batch part requests
            var requests = new BatchPartRequest[oldTexts.Length + 2];
            int i = 0;

            // create requests
            using (var source = File.OpenRead(sourceFile))
                requests[i++] = new BatchPartRequest(new UploadFileRequest
                    FileContent = source,
                    Path = remoteName

                for (; i <= oldTexts.Length; i++)
                    requests[i] = new BatchPartRequest(new ReplaceTextRequest
                        Name = remoteName,
                        ReplaceText = new ReplaceTextParameters
                            OldValue = oldTexts[i - 1],
                            NewValue = newTexts[i - 1],
                            IsMatchCase = false,

                    // set dependecy tree to run request one by one.

                requests[i] = new BatchPartRequest(new DownloadFileRequest
                    Path = remoteName,

                requests[i].DependsOn(requests[i - 1]);

                // run uploading, all replacements, and downloading as one batch request
                var results = this.WordsApi.Batch(requests);

                using (var fs = new FileStream(resultFile, FileMode.OpenOrCreate))
                    // save the result to resultFile
                    (results.Last() as Stream).CopyTo(fs);