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Scan Multiple Barcodes With Aspose.BarCode REST API Takes Too Much Time

we’re about to use Barcode recognition cloud API for around 20 000 photos of barcodes. Some of them contain multiple barcodes on the same picture. see Example below.

As I’m using power automate where there is default time-out for HTTP request set to 2 min and unable to change most of the barcodes go into a time out , as the reading takes more than 120 secs. This applies to all photos with multiple barcodes.

Could you help me to come up with set of parameters that would increase the recognition speed?

0A94F299-FFF9-46B1-ABC2-F790DC0D6D5F—detail.jpg (422.9 KB)
0A94F299-FFF9-46B1-ABC2-F790DC0D6D5F—detail.jpg (423 KB)


Please note barcode recognition performance mostly depends on image size, barcode type hints(Type ) and server performance. Explicit barcode type hint for respective barcode type and lower image resolution/size increase the performance. I have tested your shared JPG image with barcode hint to scan multiple barcodes with Aspose.BarCode REST API and the API read the barcodes in 30+ seconds at my end.

Read Multiple Barcodes in C#

BarcodeApi api = new BarcodeApi(ClientSecret, ClientId);
string filePath = @"C:/Downloads/0A94F299-FFF9-46B1-ABC2-F790DC0D6D5F.jpg";
using (Stream image = File.Open(filePath, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read))

    // Act
    BarcodeResponseList response = api.PostBarcodeRecognizeFromUrlOrContent(
        new PostBarcodeRecognizeFromUrlOrContentRequest(
            image: image,
            preset: PresetType.HighPerformance.ToString(),
            type: DecodeBarcodeType.Code128.ToString()
            // Scan QR codes
            //type: DecodeBarcodeType.QR.ToString()


Thanks ! This helped a lot.

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