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Regarding Self-hosting functionality and Aspose.PDF

Good Afternoon,

I hope all is well. My team is currently looking into Aspose.cloud and we were intrigued by the self-hosting functionality utilizing docker. Is the self-hosting method only available for the following:


Will there be a potential release for aspose.pdf-cloud in the near future? If not would it be possible to utilize the self-hosting platform let’s say for aspose.cells and aspose.words in conjunction with utilizing aspose.pdf cloud by a subscription service? Also regarding the self-hosting platform via docker once we use up the trial usage of 150 api calls how would billing work?

What we’re trying to determine is would we have to create multiple accounts one using the pdf service another for the other two products with respect to the api call usage or is there away to join the two accounts so it would fall under one bill? Please let me know. Thank you.



We have a plan to release Aspose.PDF Cloud Docker container in the future. I have linked your post to the related ticket PDFCLOUD-1654 and will share the release ETA/Plan asap.

Secondly, your other question is about licensing so I have created the following post in the purchase category on your behalf. You may please add/amend it if required. My sales colleague will guide you shortly.