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Read multiple random Cell values of a Microsoft Excel Worksheet using Aspose.Cells REST API

I am enquiring if its possible to return a variable number of cells from an array which are not consecutive (I’m aware of how to do that).

For example. If i want to get the values for A6, B10, D44 etc… at the moment i am making multiple simultaneous individual API GET using for each cell using[name.xlsx]/worksheets/[sheet1]/cells/[A6]?folder=[folder] etc

is it possible to pass the A6, B10, D44 as an array and get a JSON response for all cell values as a single API call


Thanks for your inquiry. I am afraid there is no API available that takes an array as parameter. You can use SDK of your choice and use CellsGetWorksheetCell method in a loop against array values.

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Thank you for the reply. Understood. I appreciate you pointing out an alternative method with the SDK.