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Quality issue in DXF to PDF/JPG conversion

Google tends to turn out better output for dxf , files anyway i can get that level of conversion done with aspose
You can clearly see this in an email when you mail out a dxf


Please share your input DXF and output PDF/JPG along with the expected output PDF/JPG. We will investigate the issue and will share our findings with you.

image.png (66.6 KB)
2I7Vjw110421115221.dxf.pdf (762.5 KB)

The pdf is from aspose , and the preview is from google.

Can you help ?


Please share your input DXF as well.

Secondly, we will appreciate it if you please list explicit issues with Aspose.CAD output, it will help us to address issues exactly. I notice that google preview is unreadable and Aspose.CAD output is readable but it is black&white.


Attached it to we transfer , because attachment here is not letting me.

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  1. Its black and white
  2. The number of pages is inconsitent , across files , in google only 1 page is shown , here i see two
  3. View is different

This quote is directly from the client who is using this

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After the initial investigation, we have logged a ticket CADCLOUD-466 to fix these issues. We will keep you updated about the issue resolution in this thread.