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The availability date for the Aspose.Pdf self-hosted docker image is a critical factor for us right now, as it is our most requested API. Do you have any suggestions on how the team can develop features to make progress until the Aspose.Pdf docker image is made available? Deploying premise APIs is not straightforward due to the fact that our backend services are node.js.


There is no separate documentation for mounting the storage/font volumes. You need to mount these volumes while running the Docker container. For example, the following command mounts volumes using the relative path while running the Docker container.

docker run   -e "LicensePublicKey=public_key" -e "LicensePrivateKey=private_key" -v "/fonts:/fonts" -v "/data:/data" aspose/words.cloud

Please let us know if you face any issues in this regard. We will look into it and guide you.

We have already requested that our team share an ETA for the Aspose.PDF Cloud Docker Container. We will notify you as soon as we get the update.

Meanwhile, you can use the Aspose hosted Aspose.PDF Cloud API for testing.