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Pricing question = how many credits in this code sample?


We’re trying to manipulate PPT files slide per slide, meaning :

  • Upload a PPT file

  • Show a thumbnail of each slide

  • Pick slides and create a new PPT file from the slides picked

Looks doable from your API, but it looks like the pricing might be prohibitive if this create many API calls.
Could you give me an example of how many API calls this would require for let’s say 1000 slides ?

Because when I see this code I’m thinking that only creating the thumbnails would require 2 api calls per slide, so then injecting them back into a presentation would already blow up the 3000 credits of the 99$ plan, just for the first 1000 slides processed.

Thanks !


Thanks for your inquiry. Please note, in current pricing plan each API call counts for one credit.

For your workflow a presentation with 1000 slides will consume 1002 credits ideally. One API call for uploading presentation, 1000 calls for each slide to convert it to thumbnail image and 1 call to merge selected slides into a single presentation. Please also check Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for Python to consume Aspose.Slides Cloud API directly in your application.