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Preserve custom fonts in DOCX to PDF conversion using Aspose.Words Cloud API


I am using the Aspose Cloud web service to perform a mail merge and convert it to a PDF. What we find is that if we use a fancy font, then in the PDF version, this font is not preserved and gets substituted. This is understandable since any given font might not happen to exist on the server.

Is there any way this can be worked around so that we can somehow get this to work with the same font from the word document?

Also is it possible to get a list of supported fonts which exist on the Aspose cloud service?

MailMergeTemplate_Fancy.zip (9.6 KB)

Edit: Sorry it looks like I should have posted this on https://forum.aspose.cloud. Can you please move the post?

Thank you


Thank you for contacting Aspose Support.

Aspose Words for Cloud provides a common request parameter called fontsLocation. You use it by uploading any custom font files to your cloud storage account and specifying the folder name is this parameter. An example is below

curl -v "http://api.aspose.cloud/v1.1/words/TestExecuteTemplate.doc/executeTemplate?appSid=XXX&fileName=ExecutionResult.docx&signature=XXX&fontsLocation=MyFontsFolder" -d @templates.xml -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/xml" -H "Accept: application/xml"

Please notice the fontsLocation parameter. This is a common parameter available across all Aspose.Words for Cloud requests.

Please let us know if you continue facing this issue.