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PPTX to HTML: Laravel 8 support package

We want to convert the pptx file like the below URL. My client already using some other tool. He wants to convert a presentation like a below conversion url. Please let me know laravel 8 support the package


Thank you for the query. It will take me a while to understand your requirements. I will answer you later.

I don’t understand how Laravel 8 related to the issue. It seems you need a feature to convert presentations to HTML with slider representation instead of a long web page. Could you confirm it, please?

In the below url mentioned Aspose was supported Laravel Framework = 4., Laravel Framework = 5. But currently, we are working on the Laravel Framework 8. So it was not supported Laravel 8.? can you please check it and shared your input.,Aspose.,used%20as%20a%20Laravel%20Package

I logged the issue in our tracking system with ID SLIDESCLOUD-1184. Our development team will check it. I will inform you about any progress.