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PPT merge file page size changed - join API request


I am using the cloud API for merging PPT files into one PPT prezentation.
The page size is not part of the API, so it cannot be set in the requests for joining the documents.
In the attachments you can see the difference between the original PPT page size and the merged ppt from the API response. Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 17.17.09.png (936.4 KB)

With this introduction to the topic I have couple of related questions:

  1. When I merge files here, which I assume uses the same API, the performance is much better and the page size change is not occurring. Behavior is as one would expect

  2. From my customers service we use PHP to connect this endpoint as described in the documentation, as mentioned above the performance of this endpoint is much worse, it has difficulty to merge more than 3 PPT files and takes a long time even more there is the issue with PPT page size change and content breaks because of that.

I have tested the behavior with the same PPT files.
Are these issues with the endpoint known? And could we connect to the better performing API which is used by your website

If you need any additional information about our implementation before you can give us an answer, dont hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks!
Tomas Kmet
Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 17.17.09.png (673 KB)


I have tested the scenario with sample PPTX files and unable to notice the change in the slide size. I will appreciate it if you please share your input PPT/PPTX files along with the current output PPT/PPTX file and expected PPT/PPTX file as a zip file. It will help us to understand and address your issue. (2.0 MB) (1.8 MB)

I am attaching the test files and the final merge.

I wanted to also ask, if the online merging app ( ) is using the same API for merging. As mentioned before, both the performance is much better and the page size issue is not occurring in your online app. But when connecting from our backend to the API endpoint ( as described in documentation, the error occurred and the performance is much worst.

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