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PowerPoint conversion to JPG in PHP issue with over 5mb file


We have been using your service for years and has work great. We are a paid client. A week or two ago we have bugs reports coming in from our clients. With some digging, we have validated that this is NOT within our system and traced error messages coming from your API. My developers have deduced that file sizes below 5mb work, but anything over this threshold does not work.

Yes, we are on the older apiv1, and can escalate an update to latest soon, but we need mitigation ASAP.
We are using a PHP sdk and here is some info below:

strURI: http://api.aspose.com/v1.0/slides/1631292729.pptx/slides?folder=pnmuploads

signedURI: “http:\/\/api.aspose.com\/v1.0\/slides\/1631292729.pptx\/slides?folder=pnmuploads&appSID=**censored**&signature=**censored**

responseStream: {“Message”:“An error occurred while sending the request.”}

Has the apiv1 been deprecated, changed, or limited in any way?

Thank you for posting the query. Could you share the “1631292729.pptx” file, please? It would be great if you could also share a PHP code example and specify the PHP version you used.

Fas as I know, no. But we recommend you using the latest version.

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