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Populate Mail Merge Template with Data in request body using Aspose.Words Cloud API

As described here: ,

the executeMailMerge API has a PUT method which can be used to merge fields into a document without first saving to storage either on input or output.

However, the executeTemplate API method does not seem to support such a call. This means that if you want identical behavior (from the POV of calling the API), you need to take a lot of unnecessary steps including:

1 - Pick a randomized temporary name for the file,

2 - Upload the file to storage,

3 - Execute the template operation (Which saves the document back into storage)

4 - Download the document to local storage,

5 - Delete the document from storage.

This is 4 round-trips to the API server where, with the other mailMerge operations, one is enough.

Could a PUT method be added to the executeTemplate API call which mimics the behavior of the executeMailMerge calls? Of course, it does not actually have to use the PUT HTTP method, it could be a POST as well, or any other API method which lets you upload the .docx template + the data to be injected into the template and download the resulting document in one round trip.


A new feature request to support this feature has been logged into our issue tracking system as SAASWORDS-170. We will update you as soon as this feature is available.

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Thanks for being patient. We have good news for you i.e. SAASWORDS-170 have now been resolved. You may now please re-test your scenario with Aspose.Words for Cloud. Hope, this helps.

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As an update, kindly note since Aspose.Words Cloud 19.4 release we have combined excetureMailMerge and exectureTemplate APIs. Now a single API ExecuteMailMergeOnline will be used to populate both Mail Merge and Mustache Templates.

PUT ​/words​/MailMerge Executes document mail merge online.