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PHP API - Parallel Batch Processing Not Working

I’m not convinced batch processing is working:
In the code below I have a switch $batch that if set to True will batch all requests.

The code first searches for the text “{{title_end}}” and then uses the returned Node Ids to insert a field code before each occurence and then finally replaces all the “{{title_end}}” text with “REPLACED”.

The initial SearchRequest is never batched - all other requests are batched if $batch is True.

        $folder   = "/TestFolder";
        $storage  = "MY-STORAGE
        $batch    = false;
        //create a new document to continue the process
        $filename = "test-".(time() - strtotime("today")).".docx";
        $copyRequest = new CopyFileRequest("$folder/$filename", "/templates/testBatchSearch.docx", $storage, $storage, NULL);

        //find the page block placeholders
        $searchResponse = $wordsApi->search(
            new SearchRequest(
        //the batch array
        $word_api_batch_array = [];

        //insert TC fields
        $tc_index = 0;

        foreach( $searchResponse->getSearchResults()->getResultsList() as $searchResult ){

            //get the 'title' placeholder
            $nodeId = $searchResult->getRangeStart()->getNode()->getNodeId();

            $request = new InsertFieldRequest(
                            $filename,          // The filename of the input document.
                            new FieldInsert([
                                "field_code" => "{ TC \"TC-TEXT{$tc_index}\" }",    // ref: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/field-codes-tc-table-of-contents-entry-field-01e5dd8a-4730-4bc2-8594-23d7329e25c3
                            ]),                         // \Aspose\Words\Model\FieldInsert Field data.
                            null,                       // The path to the node in the document tree.
                            $folder,                    // Original document folder.
                            $storage,                   // Original document storage.
                            insert_before_node: $nodeId // The index of the node. A new field will be inserted before the node with the specified node Id.                                                            

            if( $batch ){
                $word_api_batch_array[] = new BatchPartRequest($request);
            else {


        //remove title placeholders
        $request = new ReplaceTextRequest(
                            new ReplaceTextParameters([
                                "old_value" => "{{_title_end_}}",
                                "new_value" => "REPLACED"

        if( $batch ){

            $word_api_batch_array[] = new BatchPartRequest($request);
        else {

If I run the code in non batched mode it works and I get the following result: testBatchSearch-38360.docx (13.6 KB)

If I run in batched mode only one field code is inserted and the ReplaceText is not executed:testBatchSearch-38592.docx (13.6 KB)

Further more the actual field code that is correctly inserted is random (in the attached file it is { TC “TC-TEXT3” } but in my other test runs it was different field codes .

If there where errors occuring I would expect that at least the final step would complete as the documentation states:

It may happen that one of the internal requests in a batch returns an error. In this case, this error does not interrupt the execution of the entire package, and all subsequent internal requests are processed normally.

“/templates/testBatchSearch.docx” :testBatchSearch.docx (13.5 KB)


We are looking into the issue and will update you shortly.

We have opened the following new ticket(s) in our internal issue tracking system and will deliver their fixes according to the terms mentioned in Free Support Policies.

Issue ID(s): WORDSCLOUD-2345

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