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Performance recommendations for merging Slides with Aspose.Slides Cloud API

I’m building a app that creates an output file from a library of slides (there’s more to the app, but this it in a nutshell). My output presentation will be 30 to 50 slides merged from a library of 200 (or so) slides. My slide library of 200 slides is probably 30 to 45 mb (as a single ppts document) given that there are a set of image-heavy slides.

I’m looking for speed/cost/reliability recommendations on whether I should:

  • Store my slide library as a single big document and then merges selected slides

  • Save the library as a bunch of small files (even one slide per file)

If I had to trade speed/cost/reliability, I’d go for reliability, then speed, then cost. I’m a little concerned about pushing maximum presentation size in the library.

Anyone done something similar and have recommendations?



Thanks for your inquiry. I am looking into your request and will update you soon.


Thanks for your patience. It is preferable to use merge method directly, because you can process as many slides and files as you need in one call. However, I get issues while processing large (>40M) files, so breaking large files into smaller ones will be a good reliable workaround.