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Performance Isue With Aspose Word

I am using aspose word in MS Cloud environment. I am using the DLL, not cloud version. Is there anything I can
do to make the mail merge run faster. It is a bottle neck in the app. My test is running 10 concurrent processes through WebAPI.
I am merging about 10 word documents. Not all require merging. Let’s say 4 of
them do. My logic is loop through each document (stored as byte array after reading from blob storage).
Create aspose DOCUMENT from stream (from byte array), if it requires mail merge do the merge,
then append to a new merged document. If no mail merge required then it
simply appends the document to the merged document. When all done it
saves the merged document as a pdf.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your inquiry. It is quite difficult to answer such
questions because CPU performance and memory usage all depend on
complexity and size of the documents you are loading/generating.

terms of memory, Aspose.Words does not have any limitations. If you’re
loading huge Word documents into Aspose.Words’ DOM, more memory would be
required. This is because during processing, the document needs to be
held wholly in memory.

While rendering a document to fixed page formats (e.g. PDF, Jpeg, Xps), Aspose.Words needs to build two model in the memory – one for document and the other for rendered document.

The process of building layout model is
not linear; it may take a minute to render one page and may take a few
seconds to render 100 pages. Also, Aspose.Words has to create APS (Aspose Page Specification)
model in memory and this may again eat some more time for some
documents. Rest assured, we’re always working on improving performance;
but, rendering will be always running slower than simple saving to flow
formats (e.g doc/docx).

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