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PDF to HTML REST API conversion via cURL

My query refers to the cURL example on

I am trying to use the cURL for Aspose .PDF REST API to convert a PDF to HTML and download the HTML output as a ZIP file. Unfortunately, although I get the authentication token in the first step, I get a failure message when I try to use the token to access the conversion to HTML API.

The failure message is

{“Message”:“Authentication failed!”}

See the pdfs below showing the PHP code (code 2 doc.pdf) I use and its output (code 1 doc.pdf)

code 1 doc.pdf (412.2 KB)

code 2 doc.pdf (226.0 KB)

Can someone please help me with this issue?

code 2 doc.pdf (226 KB)
code 1 doc.pdf (412 KB)


We are sorry for your inconvenience. Please note you need to use base URI “” instead of “”. It will resolve the issue. We are also in process of updating the documentation for new API Version.

Yes that solved the issue.


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