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PDF Cloud - center text in PDF after text replacement

I have text in a PDF that is set as center justified.

When I send the PDF to ASPOSE Cloud and do a text replace, the replaced text is not centered like the rest of the text. Is there some way of forcing the replaced text to follow the centering like the rest of the text?

I’m using PhP curl to send the PDF and text replacement as follows:

“OldValue”: “”,
“NewValue”: “’ . $name . '”,
“Regex”: true

Thanks in Advanced.


We will appreciate it, if you please share your sample input and output document with us as well.

This is the orgininal document
cert1.pdf (232.4 KB)

This is the merged document - I can push the date and ID to the left, but the name at the top of the document is where I am focusing to center.

respfit_pledge.pdf (304.6 KB)

Many thanks


Thank you for sharing the source documents. I noticed the reported issue and logged a ticket PDFCLOUD-3025 for further investigation and rectification. We will notify you as soon as we resolve the issue.


Thanks for your patience. Please note that we have fixed the above reported issue. The TextReplace object now has a Boolean property CenterTextHorizontally. You can set the property to true to center-align the replaced text. We have released a new version of the PDF Cloud API, 22.11. Please check and confirm.