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Optical Mark Recognition(OMR) API Solution from Aspose


I posted earlier on the aspose forum about the availability of the OMR solution being only on cloud or we can still get it as a SDK/DLL that we can integrate into our solutions. I need some guidance on this as its pretty confusing and we need to move on this action pretty quickly.

If there is a possibility to still use the assembly for aspose for non-cloud based clients? Not everyone is happy with a solution that has an internet dependency, so we need something to deploy on physical servers or data centers with no internet connection to it.

Another question is, in case its OMR cloud only, are there plans to support scanning from PDF instead of images? And is there a comprehensive example about how it works so that our developers can test it for compatibility with our requirements.

Our core business need is somehow complicated and requires multiple components and moving parts:

  • We need to be able to scan OMR sheets on the fly without necessary having to create a template for different sheets everytime.

  • We need to recognize barcodes and qrcodes on the same answer sheet

  • We need to run image processing and clip multiple areas with handwritten input on the answer sheet.

We need all the above running together in parallel on the same answer sheets, for multiple answer sheets with potentially multiple pages per answer sheet (e.g. exam paper with multiple responses) and in that case we need some form of tracking to link different pages per unique respondent.

We need some expert feedback on the above as this is a big project and a big investment, and we’d like to know if ASPOSE can be the candidate tool for this or not.


Thank you for contacting Aspose Support.

Aspose.OMR for Cloud is available via GitHub The functionality is growing rapidly, we are releasing updates quite often, it has clear GUI (thin client) available as open-source, we will add Python and Java SDKs for REST APIs soon. It can process not only scans but also photos and shows superb recognition quality. You can use your forms, or prepare new ones just by writing questions and answers. The latter is very practical for weekly tests or surveys. Meanwhile, development on Aspose.OMR for .NET is temporarily suspended.

We are considering to provide standalone SDKs as docker images. You can contact sales team to discuss details.

Yes, we have plans to support PDFs in cloud. Also, you can convert PDFs into images by our PDF product. You can find a comprehensive example here

  • You can use one template for the same sheets. Simply put, the template is an origin, and sheets are copies. You just have not to mix various OMR sheets. It’s quite often that similar sheets are recognized altogether. We don’t have any special wheel to figure out sheet origin, but we can develop such gear on request or recommend the proper solution
  • We are focused to get the best recognition quality that modern technology allows to get. As we know modern attempts for handwritten recognition has not enough quality for production purposes. Still, we are developing hand-printed recognition module. You can substitute such fields by Multipage forms that are considered to be developed in the near future. Even so, you are welcome to use our REST API to cover that need.
  • We are planning to add barcode/qrcode recognition support in upcoming releases
  • Thanks to your request we realised that clipping areas of interest and exporting them is a useful feature and we’ve added it to our roadmap

How big are you expecting average load on your servers? Is it about several thousand sheets per hour?

Same requirment i have my clients do not have internet on their premises so we require stand alone sdk or dlls for window application with gui for master template creation.Can you help me with this.

Thanks for your inquiry. We have plans to launch the downloadable version of Aspose.OMR for .NET and Java this year. However, I am afraid we can not share any exact timeline with you. The only option at the moment is Aspose.OMR for Cloud. We are sorry for the inconvenience., @chaosterx

We have launched on premise Aspose.OMR for .NET and JAVA APIs. You may please check Aspose.OMR product page for complete details.